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My bags are packed, tickets are bought and printed out and sit where I will not accidentally leave them, I have pens and paper and something to read and something to knit, and – the most important thing – my … Continue reading

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It’s neither medieval, nor the classical meaning of “straw to gold”, but it’s still utterly fascinating and really, really interesting: There’s an exhibition called “Stroh zu Gold” in Schloß Moritzburg, showing more than 200 examples of the art of straw … Continue reading

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There’s a German proverb saying “Alles neu macht der Mai” (May makes everything new), and it looks like that is the case at least in some parts – because today I stumbled across the new, just-gone-online-a-few-days-ago version of the beloved … Continue reading

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There are a few workshop opportunities coming up in autumn – one of them is the spinning workshop that I’ll be giving in Bielefeld at the Ravelry meeting. Courses are online now, and can be booked via the website … Continue reading

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I’m still not finished with my homework from the fair, I have to cut down on the time I need for my NESAT presentation (aaaargh it is way, way too long still, there are about 7 minutes to cut from … Continue reading

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Today’s morning was spent outside, catching guys. One of them ended up in my pocket for a while, and then got a number glued to his back. Have I confused you yet? I was off to the next practical lesson … Continue reading

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Here is, again, a stack of things you might find interesting: A 17th century manuscript tells you how to organise your land surveying journal. Or, if you’d like to read about something else, that site has a huge collection of … Continue reading

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