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Current Knitting.

I sometimes complain that my knitting projects all take ages and ages – though I know very well that this is not due to my knitting really slowly. My actual knitting speed is more of a medium speed, but I tend to not knit most of the time. And if you let that half-finished pair of socks languish on the needles for half a year… well, then it will take more than half a year to make a pair of socks.

Anyway, current knitting is more or less progressing, for a change – though in the case of this sweater, the wool has already sat around for a long time, so maybe the languishing is all dealt with and I can finish this (astounding thought!) without too much downtime:


It’s the Moyen Age sweater, and I really like the cable motif (though I have no clue why it has the name it has). It hits a nice balance for me between mind-numbingly plain stockinette (booooring!) and excitement and fingerwrestling with the cables (tight knitting has its downsides), so I’m happy to knit on it, and I’m already past the waist decreases and starting to increase again.

The other knitting-related thing is not progressed much – the first bobbin of grey Gotland yarn is finished, but the second still is in this sad state:


I haven’t gotten around to sit and spin in the evenings these last days (or weeks? Time flies), but it’s on my list, and some day, it will be full, and then it will be plied, and then there’s a gauge swatch in the future, and figuring out how to combine that yarn with the half-Gotland-half-colourful yarn. And then, eventually, a garment.

Just in case the sweater is finished before the spinning is, though, there’s something else hanging out here in the stash. I was accosted by this yarn a few days ago – it sat in the “really really has to go so is really really reduced”-bin in a yarn store I happened to pass. Well, what can I say – it’s silk, it’s blue, and it was cheap. And obviously, it’s now mine.


Also… it should be sufficient for a small jacket. For summer chill. (Next summer, obviously!)

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2 Responses to Current Knitting.

  1. Harma says:

    Gorgeous knitting. Can only go slow when you choose a sweater pattern for yarn as thin as sock yarn, but the sweater will be worth it. Besides, it’s not only about the result, go for the enjoyment of the knitting proces. The silk is beautiful too. Is it enough for a sweater?

    • Katrin says:

      Thank you! It is coming along nicely, too – so I do feel optimistic about getting it into wearable state soon. And I found that I much prefer garments from thinner yarn, so I am quite accepting of the fact that it will take longer to knit them.
      Yes, the silk should be enough for a small sweater or cardigan, which is exactly what I plan to make from it. Once the current stuff is finished and I have figured out which pattern I want to use…

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