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More Bouldering.

Since at least a few of you seem to have found the bouldering videos amusing, here’s a second pair. We did these quite a while ago, and it took me ages to find the solution that worked for me, and then another couple of tries and the encouraging words from below to work up the courage to actually do the tiptoeing thing at the end.

So here’s the normal-sized version:

Pretty straightforward, right? Well. This is mine.

As is often the case, it sort of felt much more spectacular than it looks on film. It also gave me very, very dirty legs and a good adrenaline spike. The lower bit – getting onto the large, flat-topped volume – was not so bad, it’s mostly a bit of strength and even more of figuring out where to push and pull. There was a lot more wiggling and squirming the first time I tried it. The reason for the weird leg-first-move, by the way, is that I couldn’t reach the edge of the upper grey volume well enough to get a grip on it and pull myself over like the most patient of all husbands did.

The upper bit is the adrenaline-high part, as I’m completely stretched out when I am reaching for that left piggy-head ear. If you look closely, you might be able to see what the actual sequence is: crawling the left hand up to the left ear, while lifting up on tiptoe – I can then reach it enough to hook the front bit of my fingers in there for just enough grip to switch from the handhold on the round thing on the right to the toehook – which gives me the bit more reach necessary to bump my left hand properly into the hold, and then it’s possible to get the right hand up to the right ear.

Being just that bit too small to easily flow up the bouldering problems with the intended beta? Annoying. Figuring out the alternative ways and finally crushing the problem, with weird, funny and amusing moves? Priceless. Which partly reconciles me with the annoying part… as you might have guessed.

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