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Mixed Links.

The online EXARC journal has a short article about bronze spiral decoration in textiles.

Kitty Lux of the Ukulele Orchestra died about two weeks ago, here’s her obituary. I’m really sad – and feel very privileged to have seen and heard her live a few times.

The major Roman roads, drawn in a subway map style.

There’s a new podcast around: Ask an Archaeologist. (I have not found the time to give it a listen yet, but it’s definitely on my list.)

Heritage Daily reports on a Roman bronze figurine that might leave Britain.

Gillian Polack has a post on how to peel oranges… with a fork. Which is intriguing and makes me a little sad that we are currently far from Orange Season here – but it will come, and I will definitely try that.

And that’s it for today – I hope there’s something of interest for you!

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