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Nadelkunst at Weikersheim!

I’m at the Nadelkunst in Schloß Weikersheim today, tomorrow and Sunday – when this post goes live, it’s about one hour until the fair starts, and I’ll already be there, fixing the last odds and ends at the stall and preparing for the first day.

I’ll be in the east wing of the Orangerie, with a wonderful view over the beautiful baroque garden. If you’re in the area (or not, but fancy a little trip), drop by and enjoy the building with its spectacularly furnished rooms, the garden and all the different textile-related things to look at, or stop by the Stricktreff to sit and knit with others. I’m sure it will be a wonderful event, just like the previous one two years ago.

Since I’ll be working all weekend, there will be no blog post on Monday, as I’ll be taking the day off. Hooray for an Ersatz weekend!

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One Response to Nadelkunst at Weikersheim!

  1. Heather says:

    Photos! Photos please!

    Textiles in an orangery in a Baroque garden…

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