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Fun with Chocolate Cake.

I’ve finally gotten around to testing the 3D cake mould that we got presented with years and years ago… which bakes a little moose.

My mum has a rabbit mould (well, actually an easter bunny mould) and we used to make a bunny at easter, usually as a marble cake. These 3D forms are, though, usually rather small and I’m normally baking cakes that are… large. However, circumstances have aligned and it was time to try out a new chocolate cake recipe, and that in turn was sort of the instigator to also try out the mould.

As the instructions demand, I did butter it carefully, and it came out nicely when it had cooled:


Still in the second half of the mould…

It's out!

It’s out!

And because everything chocolatey is better with even more chocolate, I decided to coat it with choc. When finished, it looked like this:


The eyes are slices of cashew nuts, and the antlers have a lighter colour because I mixed a spoonful of peanut butter into the hot chocolate. Which is, by the way, utterly delicious.

Now we’ll see how it tastes, and then I will decide if that recipe stays or goes…

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3 Responses to Fun with Chocolate Cake.

  1. That’s a bunny? It looks more like a moose, with very short antlers, and a bad attitude.

    • Katrin says:

      It is a moose – it’s my mom who has the bunny form. Maybe I should have more coffee before blogging, to be able to write things more clearly.

      The cake recipe will stay, by the way – it has been approved all around.

  2. Happy to hear that the cake recipe worked out. Even as a moose, it looks odd, but if it’s a tasty moose, who cares?

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