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I’ve done it.

For ages and ages, I have dreamt of this. Well, admittedly, my dreams were a little bit more spectacular, but still – I’ve done it.

I have woven an animal.

It’s not looking very spectacular, and it’s not a very complicated animal (which would actually be rather difficult to achive on only 12 tablets), but it is one. And I was utterly, utterly happy to have managed this…

… not because it is the most beautiful little animal that was ever woven (far from it!). But because it means that I have finally cracked that nut and figured out the system to weave patterns freehand on a twill background.

This was done without any pattern or sketch, starting from a base with all diagonals running into the same direction, using the newly-rediscovered system to change diagonal slants. It’s a humble, ugly little animal that looks a bit like it is vomiting, but I’m very, very proud of it.

So… now I will progress. To more, bigger, more complex animals that might actually resemble real living beings so much that you might be able to recognise what it’s supposed to be…

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2 Responses to I’ve done it.

  1. Actually, your little beast looks kind of like a dragon, to me.

    So what is the “newly-rediscovered system to change diagonal slants”? How does it work?

    • Katrin says:

      You change direction of every second tablet by doing a double-turn twice. This starts when you initiate the colour change or direction change of an already existing diagonal, and cascades along just in time.
      It’s a little hard to explain without a stack of drawings, but it’s a rather elegant solution, and not too hard to keep track of (unlike my previous tries).

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