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Sprang springing up.

I also mentioned… sprang, right? There has been some spranging going on, both in preparation for the workshop I’ll give (where there will be a little flower made as a pattern)…

The flower motif – almost invisible on the collapsed sprang…

…but very much visible when it is stretched out a bit!

…and, as a sideline collateral, some spranging on a project of mine that has been in hibernation for several years. (I believe things like that happen to all of us.) It is basically a very simple thing – a circular (and thus “endless” warp), worked in simple, boring, basic interlinking… to the point where about as much is left over as would make a good bag handle.

The plan, you see, was to make this a bag, which would stretch to almost any form and size, within the (generous) limits that sprang fabric gives. I wanted a nice, long strap as a handle or carrier strap, though, and that is supposed to be a bit slimmer than the rest. The first thing I tried was just taking double threads as working elements, but that did not give enough of a slimming effect, and using 4 or 6 as single elements messes up the nice colour effect. So… double-layered sprang to the rescue!

I did a little test piece in green and purple, to make it easier for me to figure out how things are done…

Thanks to this twisting up on itself, you can see the striped beginning (purple and green following each other) and then, in the middle, the double-layer sprang (where I even did a tiny bit of colour changing).

…and then I started double-layering my strap.

You can see how it narrows down, and changes a bit in structure, but the colours stay similar. It’s a little fiddlier than regular sprang, and I am still in the stages where I brain-mumble the mantra of “front layer, back layer, front layer, back layer” all the time (plus I already made one small mistake near one edge), but it does work quite nicely.

Now all that’s left to do is a generous amount of double-layer spranging, and then, in the very end, doing double-layer sprang with knitting needles instead of fingers (which will be… exciting!) and finishing it up by securing the final shed (which I will do by weaving in a few threads, to have a firm, stable ending).

And then, eventually, I might have a bag…

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One Response to Sprang springing up.

  1. Kareina says:

    Oh, cool! I really want to learn sprang; would love to have sprang tights. Perhaps someday I will have the leisure time to pursue that section of my wish-list.

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