The summer has come, and it is time to take a break and go on holidays - so from July 13 to August 23, no orders will be sent out. If you place an order during this time, it will be sent off after the break.

From August 15 to August 19, I will be at the WorldCon in Dublin, with a stall in the dealer's hall. Do drop by if you're attending and say hello!

Have a wonderful summer and glorious holidays!

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Getting back to normal. Again.

Today is earmarked for finally, finally sitting down and getting the book-keeping up to date. Tax day is coming up, and I’m woefully behind with the keeping of the bureaucratic side of things, so it’s paying bills today, marking bills with little numbers, matching the little numbers in my software, and then (with a very happy sigh) putting away a stack of paper at the end, sending off the tax report and after it, sending money to the Finanzamt (who kindly expects to hear something from me every quarter of the year, plus twice more for the main taxes and for the final version of my VAT balances).

To my great surprise, it actually feels good to sit and do this stuff – a job I usually don’t like very much. I’m still not over the moon about it, because it always means some amount of searching for this receipt or that email, and checking stuff, and occasionally doing some research on the ‘net on how and where to book something, and much of this feels like a waste of time. However, I’ve had so many other (and time-critical) things to do and prepare in the last weeks that this time around, sitting down for this calculated waste of time means that all these nice, exciting, but also exhausting things are over for now, and I can get back to breathing calmly and get into “normal mode” again… which also, hopefully, means I get to whittle down the to-do-list some, and get re-started on a bunch of projects which had to fall off the list for a while.

Other inhabitants of this lair here, of course, have never left normal mode:

Which, in this case, means a lot of napping, especially now that there is quite a bit of snow on the ground – which Madame does not appreciate a lot…

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