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Science News Article

There’s a lot of wonderful colleagues in my field (and it’s a small field, so you get to know most of them after a while). One of them is Eva Andersson Strand, who has been doing textile archaeology for a very, very long time now. She’s also one of the people who feel strongly about the importance of practical work in textile research and reconstruction, and that tools and their use are a wonderful way for us to learn about the past processes in making textiles.

I’ve had a good number of discussions about spinning with her, which were always vastly interesting – even though we’re not completely in agreement in regard to a few things. But I feel that discussions like these are one of the ways that we, together, as a field of science, can progress.

And by now you’re probably wondering why I am writing this – well, Eva and her work are featured in a long and very nice article in Science News (for which I was also interviewed, about one of our favourite discussion topics – the influence of the craftsperson vs. the tool in spinning). The article is a well-deserved praise of her research efforts, on a variety of textile tools and techniques, and worth a read – I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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  1. It is a good article. A friend of mine, who knows that I’m interested in the history of textiles and costume, brought it to my attention.

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