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I’m off to teach a full weekend’s worth of workshops – spinning, tablet weaving, loopbraiding, and sewing techniques, and I’m all excitement. Especially about the tablet weaving course. It’s been so long in the “I would like to do this” … Continue reading

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I mentioned the hard and firm rules in the post about tablet weaving a few days ago, and that is just the thing to segue off into some ponderings about what I call “Crafter’s Bias”. When you are doing craft … Continue reading

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There’s been this video going more or less viral, about how people walked differently in medieval times. It’s spread a lot, and it finally arrived at the rock that I live under, and I watched it. And went Aaaaaaaaaaarrggh. In … Continue reading

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There are so, so many open questions left around the man found in the Bernuthsfeld bog. Who was he? What was his job, if he had one? He definitely wasn’t rich, but how poor was he? There’s also plenty of … Continue reading

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Apart from the work on the Bernuthsfeld tunic, I’m also preparing for my bit of programme for the European Textile Forum, which is drawing closer and closer. In the usual mix of optimism (“I can do that! In time! No … Continue reading

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You might remember that a while ago, I posted about having a project for a reproduction of the tunic worn by the man from Bernuthsfeld. Well, it’s time to get the project into the next stage – which means I’m … Continue reading

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What about these small spindle wheels with crank drive, though? They did get a mention already. Usually, the really small ones are winding wheels to wind bobbins or pirns for weaving, and are not really suitable for spinning. That does … Continue reading

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