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There’s a number of conferences coming up, and I thought you might be interested, so here they come: African Experimental Archaeology Conference, March 20-22, Johannesburg. More info and registration here. The 12th North American Textile Conservation Conference will take place … Continue reading

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After the conference is before the conference, or so it is said… I think. Well, it’s true, after all, and planning for the next European Textile Forum has started – we do have a date fixed for the conference, which … Continue reading

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The inner bag is made from a bright green fleece fabric, consisting of a bottom circle and a fabric tube. The upper rim of the tube has a stiff black band sewn onto it to keep it open. That whole … Continue reading

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Some scrounging around, and I got hold of a flexible strip of plastic that was large enough to bend into a ring – there was the necessary stiffener. After temporarily fixing it with tape, a few drilled holes and some … Continue reading

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So the first thing the little limp lion now needed was some sort of lightweight stiffener for the chalkbag itself. Coincidentally, we had some foamed rubber lying around, so that got conscripted, cut into a fitting wide strip, and sewn … Continue reading

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Last summer, I took home a plushy toy rat, and it miraculously turned into a chalkbag for bouldering. A few days ago, a friend of ours, also a climber/boulderer, had his birthday… and just before the party, we found, by … Continue reading

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It’s time for a stack of links again – here you go: There’s a four-wheel velomobile being developed, and the 0-series has now been unveiled: Podbike. It’s a bicycle with electric assist, a fully closed chassis, and it sort of … Continue reading

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