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It’s already the start of August, and thus it is high time for a summer break! Our time off will include some time spent abroad with friends, and I’m so looking forward to that – usually we have the summer … Continue reading

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The Library Digitisation Unit of the University of Southampton has a Knitting Reference Library with Victorian knitting manuals and other old and really interesting knitting reference books and instructionals. They also have, under the section slightly misleadingly titled “Knitting Patterns”, … Continue reading

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The online EXARC journal has a short article about bronze spiral decoration in textiles. Kitty Lux of the Ukulele Orchestra died about two weeks ago, here’s her obituary. I’m really sad – and feel very privileged to have seen and … Continue reading

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There’s some more progress on the Bernuthsfeld project, though it is all but spectacular – pre-wash documentation of the fabrics, and subsequently washing, drying, and documenting them again. That documentation would mostly not be strictly necessary, but I couldn’t resist … Continue reading

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It has been a while since you got garden pics – high time to change that! Bees are visiting this not-real-sage plant, enjoying the nice purple flowers. Speaking of nice flowers (though not purple): Nasturtiums in full bloom. And I … Continue reading

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If you watched the bouldering videos, you might have noticed that there are white spots on parts of the wall, and there is white stuff on some of the holds, and there’s also white stuff on our hands. That is … Continue reading

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Since at least a few of you seem to have found the bouldering videos amusing, here’s a second pair. We did these quite a while ago, and it took me ages to find the solution that worked for me, and … Continue reading

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