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I’ve finished Vodka Lemonade a while ago, and I’m finally getting around to blogging it. It took me about half a year to knit this. Yes, I am a slow knitter – not when I am actually knitting, that is … Continue reading

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I have finally finished and blocked my Vodka Lemonade – now it’s only the last few ends that have to be woven in, and it will be ready to wear! I have not yet decided whether I will stick with … Continue reading

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It’s time for a stack of links again! There’s a “rare sheep breed wool challenge” going on in the US, started by The Livestock Conservancy. It runs under the delightful name of “Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em”, and you can … Continue reading

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If you are a knitter, you will know that there is more or less maths involved in knitting. While it’s quite possible to avoid maths-ing to a large degree, not doing so can make things much, much easier – like … Continue reading

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There has been a bit more knitting going on here – some on the train, some in the café, and some at home… which means my current project #1, Vodka Lemonade, does have almost two sleeves now: I’ve opted to … Continue reading

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It’s time for a link roundup again – here you go: In German: Why a bicycle manufacturer sends his bicycles in cartons with a TV printed on them. There’s a knitting card game on Kickstarter – where you can knit … Continue reading

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So… I’ve swatched (to get an idea of how to do the brioching thing), I’ve cast on, and I’ve made sure the travel project actually does fit the “travel project requirement” – which is, coincidentally, “fitting into the project bag”. … Continue reading

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