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I’ve told you about my spinning project, and my glorious decision to ply the yarn spun from the dyed top with nice, grey Gotland yarn, to get more length. Well, it is finished now, and it looks really nice. It … Continue reading

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While I was at it, and the Zwirnzwerg was out, I finally finished spinning up that nice, dyed top that had been hanging out here for a good while. It was about 150 g altogether, which means it’s a rather … Continue reading

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Here’s one of the things I played around with regarding spinnning angles – an overlay of several measurements by several people on the same yarn picture. It’s hard to see, but you’ll hopefully be able to make out the angles … Continue reading

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The work is all done and finished – the last of the fabrics has been cut into and stitched up into a hood. And while I was really happy that everything was done and finished and I could send it … Continue reading

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The fabric turned out wonderfully after being fulled – soft and lush and beautiful. It also surprised me a lot. It’s a fourshaft twill, which means every thread goes over two and under two, staggered to give diagonal lines. In … Continue reading

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The last of the fabrics for the project has arrived – a 2/2 twill woven from the same yarns as the previous plainweave fabric. It’s now hanging out to dry after being fulled just like the others… and it’s beautiful. … Continue reading

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The third batch of cloth for the project is done, and it turned out just beautifully. Here’s the cloth in its raw state: After a little soak and a bit of a wash, it looked like this: And then I … Continue reading

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