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There are so, so many open questions left around the man found in the Bernuthsfeld bog. Who was he? What was his job, if he had one? He definitely wasn’t rich, but how poor was he? There’s also plenty of … Continue reading

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You might remember that a while ago, I posted about having a project for a reproduction of the tunic worn by the man from Bernuthsfeld. Well, it’s time to get the project into the next stage – which means I’m … Continue reading

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If you’re a numbers person (as in somebody who easily remembers numbers, lucky you) and a textile archaeology nerd in addition to that, the two numbers in the blog title might ring a bell for you. If not, let me … Continue reading

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The online EXARC journal has a short article about bronze spiral decoration in textiles. Kitty Lux of the Ukulele Orchestra died about two weeks ago, here’s her obituary. I’m really sad – and feel very privileged to have seen and … Continue reading

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The Bernuthsfeld Man’s tunic is really a rather special affair – a very, very simple cut, but it is put together from only patches. It’s not a heavily worn tunic that was patched up. Most publications about the tunic are … Continue reading

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There was some spinning today… in both black, and white. The reason for this is the exciting new and large project – recreating the finds (including the garments) that were found with the bog body of the Man from Bernuthsfeld … Continue reading

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Here I am, slowly unpacking all the lovely stuff brought home from NESAT. Extra slowly, as most of my worktime yesterday and today is eaten up by doing the tax paperwork. Which is due at the end of this month … Continue reading

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