iron gall ink

Iron gall ink is the best-known ink of the Middle Ages and the most authentic ink for documents. The ink oxidizes on the medium surface and thus becomes fade resistant. In contrast to most modern reproductions of iron gall ink, the ink offered here contains no aniline dyes to produce immediate colouring, but was pre-oxidized over a maturation period, following the instructions in a late 15th century German manuscript. Thus, the ink is completely water-resistant after it dries and does not bleed. This ink is therefore perfectly suited for preliminary outlines on fabric for embroidery, for example.

The ink is delivered in a small bottle whose form is resembling that of ink bottles of the late Middle Ages. The bottle is closed with a plastic screw-on lid; it comes with an additional cork to close it, for instance for use during historical environments.

Because of its chemical composition, iron gall ink is not suitable for use in fountain pens. It may only be used with quills or brushes. Once dried, the ink is indelible. Medieval manuscripts recommend immediately washing out still-moist blots with red wine; however, I cannot assume liability for the success (or failure) of this technique.

Please note: If the bottle is shaken or turned upside down during transport, a drop of ink may get caught in the top of the screw-on cap. This drop will run down into the screw threads when the bottle is opened or, in the worst case, down the outside of the bottle, potentially staining your work surface, hands, or other things. To avoid this, please use a rag or tissue to hold your bottle when opening it after transport and wipe the screw threads dry once it is opened.


Price: 4,50 EUR
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(Price per litre: 300€)

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