drawing quill

Drawing quills have a finer point than writing quills. The quills offered here are made with the finest possible quill point to make drawing on fabric with iron gall ink possible, which is the classical outlining method for medieval embroidery.
Only a small amount of ink is necessary for drawing on cloth. It is very important to keep the quill moving once it is set on the fabric, for example in the direction of the line to be traced. If the quill is allowed to rest at one spot, a blot will result. Practice on a scrap piece of fabric is therefore recommended in order to become familiar with both quill and ink.

With repeated use, the point of the quill can fray slightly; carefully remove the fibers with a sharp knife. All quills have been tested with iron gall ink on fabric. If the quill is to be used for writing instead of drawing, please add an appropriate note when ordering, then I can cut an appropriate point.

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