combed top, Rhoen sheep

Rhoen sheep wool is medium length, crimped wool. The combed top color ranges from pure white to slightly off-white. This top, prepared by historical methods, is excellent for spinning by hand with a spindle (use of a distaff is highly recommended). It is also suitable for producing combed yarn using a modern spinning wheel. The long fibers make it possible to spin a very fine and very stable thread.

Because the short fibers are removed during hand-combing, combed top is very different from a modern, industrially produced top. The combed top is delivered wound into a spiral nest. The bundle of fibers can be straightened into a long, thin band before spinning. This makes the spinning process easier and loosens the fibers in case they have become compressed during shipping and storage.

Please order the desired number of grams (a quantity of 10 corresponds to 10 grams of top).

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