Rouge du Roussillon sheep wool, washed

Rouge du Roussillon is a heritage sheep breed originating in France. Today, this breed is almost extinct - worldwide there are only about 200 animals left, about half of them in Germany.

The wool on offer here is from a conservation breeding herd in Nuremburg. The animals are kept out of doors and species-appropriate. They are grazing in a special habitat: a sandy grassland with poor soil that is an especially species-rich habitat. The sheep's grazing is an important part of conserving this habitat, and the poor fare is similar to the sparse grass available in their region of origin.

The sheep have fine, crimped, short wool, almost white in colour. The wool has been washed very gently and thus still contains a little lanolin. The fine soil where the sheep graze will settle into the sheep's wool, and gentle washing will not remove all of the soil from the tips of the locks, so there is some residue in the washed wool. The soil residue will fall out during carding, though.

The wool is sold in units of 100 g. For large amounts or special requests please contact me per email!


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