spindle whorl

These whorls are hand formed, with their shapes oriented after archaeological whorl finds, usually dating to prehistory and early history. After drying, they are fired in an open pit. This simple firing method offers less control over heat and airflow than a pottery kiln; as a result, some whorls are fired with very high temperatures, while others remain softer (which makes no difference for their normal use). Most of the whorls in each batch are fired with little or no oxygen in their immediate environment, which is called reduction firing and results in their black color. Whorls that are in contact with oxygen during firing have a grey colour. Many of the whorls also show a mix of grey and black, depending on where they had air contact during firing.


Because the weight and size vary, when ordering, please describe the approximate weight needed; I will then choose an appropriate whorl. The same if you would like a specific form (flatter, roundish, double-conical, ...), let me know!


Price: 5,50 EUR
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