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Sewing again

After getting a good bit further on a woolen hood (quite similar to the Bocksten Man’s hood) yesterday evening, I’ll try to get started on the new dress today.

It will be a fitted dress with front lacing as closure, and the lining (that is used for fitting) is already fitted to me. So I’ll just need to trace the basted lines, cut the surplus fabric back to a sensible seam allowance, and trace the pattern onto the fabric for the upper layer. There are some details I have to decide on, mostly minor, but I like to do that before really setting out, so I will probably take some time before cutting to study my source material – mostly the publication about the Golden Gown of Queen Margareta, but also pictures of similar dresses. Unfortunately, my little finger is hurting when I move it, and I don’t have any idea why and what I might have done to set it off. I hope it won’t get in the way of stitching.

Before rushing off to books, scissors, and (hopefully) lots of fun, though, there’s still paperwork-y stuff to take care of. Sigh. At least it’s nice paperwork today, where I don’t have to think much, since most of it was prepared yesterday, waiting only to be printed and sent out today.

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