Ich bin wegen Tagungen unterwegs und kann daher vom 23. Oktober bis zum 12. November keine Bestellungen verschicken. In dieser Zeit eingegangene Bestellungen werden danach so schnell wie möglich versendet. Vielen Dank für Ihr/euer Verständnis!

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Things that would be really helpful.

Things that would be really helpful right now:

Another week of time for finishing that article. (Has to be finished today, due to Freienfels.)
Not having hay-fever at all.
Even more time for doing a bunch of things that are fun (and also sort of necessary) but also take time – like planting out a few of the seedlings crowding the wintergarden here, and re-potting some others, and baking a cake (with rhubarb! It’s rhubarb season, hooray!)
And even more more time for some much-needed putting things into order and straightening out stuff. Plus (very important) the motivation to actually do it.
An extra-fast postal service, since I’m waiting for a heap of packets, none of which have arrived yet. Which is very sad. And they include a packet with material that I hope to use for the new market stall setup/decoration… so it should better arrive before Friday morning.

And, top of the list: profound knowledge of everything that I need to know. Preferably in form of something like eidetic memory that also enables me to exactly, and faultlessly, remember where I read something. That would be so cool.

On the plus side, the installation thingie for the flowery newness is almost complete – I only need to drill three holes and pack three leather strips as ties for it. And I’m really looking forward to Freienfels!

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