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Links! Screenshots! Celebration!

Somehow Friday’s Patreon-related thoughts ate so much of my brain capacity that I totally forgot to give you the Beast blog tour links. So here you go – the rest of our blog tour:

Q&A at A Literary Vacation
A post about spinning at The Freelance History Writer
and the last in the series at Edward the Second.

It was a lovely tour, and we had lots of fun. So much fun, in Gillian’s case, that she did another blog tour on the side, so you get bonus posts from her –

the first one in Felicity Pulman’s blog, here, where she answers questions about the Beast, and her writing.
She also has a post over at SF Signal, where she talks about writing both fiction and non-fiction.
Not related to the Middle Ages, but also an interesting post is this one at SFFWorld, where Gillian writes about local stories going international. And finally a fourth one at the Skiffy and Fanty Show.

And that wraps up our US release blog tour! Thank you again to everyone who hosted us, and thanks to you for bearing along with us and reading our posts. We hope you had fun!

So now, after the tour, we actually get to celebrate, because –


and kindle store:

See? We’re in the Top 100, several times, in both electronic version and print version. Woot!

(Note that we have no clue whatsoever on how this relates to actual sales numbers. Amazon has so many books in its listing that a single sale might mean a huge jump in the sales rank, so we’re basically still in the dark on how many books are selling. Personally, I’ll celebrate even more if the sales are going through smaller bookstores and not the Big River One, or through our publishing house directly, as I’m not really a fan of The A. However, just like it’s a good place to read book reviews, it’s also a good place to get a rough idea how a book is doing, sales-wise. And that means being in the top 100 of these categories is definitely something worth celebrating, which we are now doing at our respective ends of the world… with chocolate.)

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