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Lots of Links.

I have a stack of diverse links for you again – hope you’ll enjoy them!

First of all, for those of you who understand German, here’s a nice video about archaeological excavations of a Villa Rustica (a Roman villa):

Shit Academics Say has a really interesting article about quitting one’s PhD study over at the blog – if you’re struggling with your PhD and are not feeling happy with the thought of spending x more months doing this work, I’d definitely recommend it.

Historian Sasha Handley is just starting out with a blog about the history of sleep – go check out the very first post on the blog, if human sleep in Early Modern Age is of interest to you.

On an unrelated note: Edible Spoons! (Looks like the spoon-baking thingummy is just a prototype yet, though, and thus not really available.)

And finally, if you’re non-white and an SFF fan, you can request assistance to be able to attend a con via Con or Bust. Including WorldCon 75 – application is possible until February 25. Helsinki! I’ll be there too!

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