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Themes in Archaeology

Routledge Publishing is doing a “Themes in Archaeology” thing, and they have finished setting up their themes now. To celebrate, the articles under these groups are free to read until April 30, 2017 –you can find the theme collection here.

In unrelated news, I’m working on the outline of an experiment we will do at the Forum, about how well dye penetrates a finished fabric. This is all very, very exciting, as whether something was dyed in the piece, in the yarn or in the fleece is quite a big difference regarding workflow and craft procedures – and after our experiment, we might have a tiny bit more knowledge about whether white spots could be expected in a piece-dyed fabric or not.

My typing is a little slower today, though – because the little cat is again hanging out on my desk, and I don’t have the heart to set her down… she’s having a few tough days, as she hurt one of her legs. As a result, she is to take pills (which she hates), painkiller (which she loves, it seems to taste like heaven) and, worst of it all, she is not allowed to go outside, to keep her from overworking her leg. So here I am, with one sad, bored, unhappy cat who needs a lot of cuddling and attention. Sooooo bored. Poor kitty.

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