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Surprise Seed Package.

Even though we’ve had some snow in the past days, and it is rather cool outside again, I’m all delighted with the garden and how much is blooming there. The day of planting a few tomato plants into nice, large containers in the wintergarden so we can have early tomatoes is also drawing nearer – just a few more days for the small plants to grow before I’ll pick the three strongest and biggest ones to go do their thing.

In spirit with the season of growth, I also had some fun sowing a sort-of-surprise seed package. When we were shopping last weekend, we stumbled across this:


It says “kitchen herb seed mix” and on the bottom, “Sparpreis” means something like “budget price”. At 29 cents, it really was – and I took it home with me, expecting to find something like a wild mix of seeds inside. Like when somebody would have swept up the seeds fallen down from regular packing and tossed them into a paper bag.

Which is exactly what the contents look like:


Now, if I were really good with seeds, I’d be able to tell which plants might spring from them. I’m hoping there will be parsley among them; probably there’ll be chives, and it looks like something from the aniseed family will also be present. Dill would also be nice.

Well, I tossed a generous amount of the seed mix into a pot with earth, and now… I’ll wait for the surprise in green to spring up. I’m already having a lot of fun just anticipating the things to come – which, again, proves that I am really easy to amuse.

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