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Life, Universe, Excitement.

Somehow life feels like a whirlwind right now – so many things happening, coming up, or being under way that I sometimes feel like a child in a sweets store, with a wad of money held tight in my fist, hardly able to believe the bliss.

There’s the NESAT coming up, for one thing – which means meeting up with friends and colleagues, travelling to the Czech republic, and getting a visit to Prague along with the deal. To add to the excitement, I’ll be travelling there and back in lovely company, with one friend stopping by earlier to spend the weekend here (shenanigans ahead!).

Then there’s the Textile Forum casting its shadow ahead from its November date, and several exciting things to look at – if all goes well, there will be a unique twined shoe to ponder, and some test runs on indigo dyeing on silk, among other stuff.

The air date of the children’s quiz show where I will chat about spinning is also coming up at the end of this month… and there has been a phone call from another TV station, asking if I would be willing to take part in another project. This is not in a stage where I want to tell more about it, but I am already quite psyched.

I’m also psyched about another project – we’re only waiting for the official green light to go ahead and get started, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will happen soon.

And on top of all that, a stack of small things – new boards for my shelf for the stock (more space, yay). The sun is shining today, and there are loads of flowers in the garden. There’s my current knitting gauge swatch, which is almost finished (new pullover coming up!) so I’ll get to measure and wash and re-measure soon… and then I can get started in earnest.

So. Whirlwind. A good one, though.

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2 Responses to Life, Universe, Excitement.

  1. Harma says:

    Isn’t it a miracle how you always find these experts to present something interesting at the Forum?

    I wonder who that twined shoe expert is.

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