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Getting Sidetracked: Image Databases Part 3.

And on we go. Still lots left…

Here is an alternative gateway to browse images from the Bodleian Library. There’s a thumbnail overview for each of the individual manuscripts, and the mss themselves are sorted by century and area of origin. The pics seem to be in the main database as well.

Heinrich-Heine Uni Düsseldorf has a digital catalogue where you can browse individual manuscripts. So has the Badische Landesbibliothek Karlsruhe. So has the Uni Darmstadt.

Individual manuscripts can also be found at the British Library in their Turning the Pages section. Manuscripts include the Luttrell Psalter, the Bedford hours, a Medieval Bestiary and the Sherborne Missal. No image search though, and you really have to leaf through the books.

Most of these lists don’t allow for a search on image content, which is sad, but rather easy to understand – tagging all the images is a huge task! Makes me wonder why I filed them under “image databases”, though, and not under “manuscript lists”. Ah well. I’m correcting this now.

To finish off for today, here is the Gebetbuch Karls des Kahlen, a prayer book dating to the 9th century.


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