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Getting Sidetracked: Image Databases Part 7.

After getting sidetracked from getting sidetracked, here we are again – a few more sources for pictures, and this time, I actually have another proper picture database for you. Yay!

It’s the Bildindex für Kunst und Architektur, a German-language database that lets you search in the Marburger Bildarchiv (well-known to architects) as well as the image archives of a lot of museums, institutes for heritage conservation and universities. That means oodles of images. Gazillions. No, really, it’s lots. Bonus trackback: If you search for “Spindel”, you get an image of Mary and the child with spindle by Luis de Morales, featuring a grasped probably perpendicular-armed yarnwinder.

Free1000s has selected artwork from the Middle Ages and more modern times. It has no really good search function, but is nice for a bit of a browse, and there’s not too much to browse through if you are looking for medieval art. There’s also a link to a newer version of the site, which has different pictures from this one.

Another good database is the Rijksstudio, the image database of the National Museum of the Netherlands. You can even search in English, though using Dutch search terms might be the better choice – as usual.

A collection of stained glass from Britain is available at the Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi website. The advanced search allows to look for a specific subject, but my trusted trial search for “spindle” turned up weird results, so it might not be very reliable.

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