Ich bin wegen Tagungen unterwegs und kann daher vom 23. Oktober bis zum 12. November keine Bestellungen verschicken. In dieser Zeit eingegangene Bestellungen werden danach so schnell wie möglich versendet. Vielen Dank für Ihr/euer Verständnis!

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And I’m off to the Nadelwelt!

It’s fair time again – I am packing up my stuff and leaving for the Nadelwelt. This is one of the most exciting fairs for me each year, in the huge buildings of the Karlsruhe fair halls, right in the middle of everything.


Margit and me at our Nadelwelt stall last year.

If you are into quilting, sewing, knitting or other textile-y stuff (modern, predominantly, of course) and can get into the Karlsruhe area, it definitely is worth a visit. There is a huge lot to see (and buy, if you want to spend some money). If you come, make sure to drop by and say hello!

So while I’m away, fairing, returning and then recuperating, there will be a little blogging break – I’ll be back here and posting things on Wednesday next week.

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One Response to And I’m off to the Nadelwelt!

  1. Harma says:

    Have fun and say hello to Margit from me.

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