Nächster Kurs in Erlangen: "Brettchenweben mit System", 31.8./01.09.

Im Kurs erkläre ich Brettchenweben nach einem System, mit dem die freie Musterbildung - ohne Musterschrift! - möglich ist. Der Kurs ist für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene geeignet!

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It sprang from the frame.

With the sprang workshop at Rothenfels coming up, I have caught another instance of the sprang fever – so when there was a little time at the Forum, I made a very narrow but long-ish setup for sprang, and I did a few twists and turns on it now and then.

Today, during my lunch break, it came off the frame… finished, with some random patterning (and a few mistakes I was too lazy to fix). The patterning was made to explore transitions between s- and z-slanted interlinking, and to take a close look at how things look when they are right. I also got to test how alternating s- and z-interlinking makes a true braid in 1/1 oblique interlacing – the actual thing I did have in mind to try when I made this setup.

Towards the end, it looked like this:

I remember how utterly awkward it was when I tried the first time to work the last centimetres with knitting needles… but at one point, it sort of clicked, I found what kind of motions I need to make with the needles in order to sprang my way happily across the threads, and now it’s actually comfortable. There is a point, in fact, where I find it much more awkward to still press my fingers into the shed, though still entirely possible, than to switch to nice thin pointy sticks.

Anyway, I worked my way across, I tried (succesfully) combined s- and z-interlinking with the needles instead of my fingers, then finally chained up the thread bits in the middle… and then I sat there with one long, narrow strip of stuff.

Which I promptly coiled up, sewed together, and now I have a small, fancy-looking bag with an unstretchy top edge:

Now I only need an idea what to use it for…

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2 Responses to It sprang from the frame.

  1. Christa Schwab says:

    Ich würde Nüsse, Karotten oder Zwiebeln drin aufheben.

    • Katrin says:

      Ich hätte die Katze als Größenvergleich dazufotografieren sollen… Nüsse würden sicher reinpassen, eine kleine Zwiebel auch – aber damit hat sich’s schon : )

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