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It’s time for a link roundup again – here you go:

In German: Why a bicycle manufacturer sends his bicycles in cartons with a TV printed on them.

There’s a knitting card game on Kickstarter – where you can knit (virtually, and thus much faster than in real life) objects based on actual existing patterns, with actual existing yarns. The video doesn’t show much about how the game is played, but if you are into knitting and card games, it might be interesting for you.

Medieval Histories has an article about Viking dress, more specifically: about royal Viking dress.

BBC has an article about women explorers in the 19th century craze for getting mummies and related artefacts out of Egypt and into museums and collections… and modern researchers as well.

Anne Marie Decker has put her presentation about “Charting the Nalbinding of the Nile” online. If you’re interested at all in nalbinding, do take a look at this – if only for the pictures!

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3 Responses to Links!

  1. Thanks for the link to the Viking dress article! I’m eager to check that out.

  2. Thank you for including the link to my presentation. Some of those pictures are online for the first time.

    You might also enjoy the blog post that the Museum der Kulturen Basel put up about Cary Karp’s and my visit to their store room.
    An additional photo exists on the lead in to the post dated 1/2/19:

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