Nächster Kurs in Erlangen: "Brettchenweben mit System", 31.8./01.09.

Im Kurs erkläre ich Brettchenweben nach einem System, mit dem die freie Musterbildung - ohne Musterschrift! - möglich ist. Der Kurs ist für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene geeignet!

Mehr Informationen und Anmeldemöglichkeit: hier klicken.

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More on the Hobby vs. Job thing.

Somehow the topic of work vs. hobby seems to be a hot one right now – or at least I found a few more things about them, which were interesting reads. One is an article about hobby vs. side hustle (as in part-time job) on Rewire, which goes into the same direction as the stuff I wrote a bit ago – that once you are making money from your hobby, it becomes a job.

“Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life” is another thing sort of connected to this topic, and it’s a saying that I find really unfitting – and untrue. I do love my work, but it’s still work, and while having a passion for what you do can help in getting things done, and motivating yourself, it will not be the solution for every problem. There will also still be days when it is hard to buckle down and do the work – and that’s how it is. There is no perfect job that always delivers joy only. “Find your passion”, by the way, is also not as easy as some seem to think, and here’s a nice piece about that.

Finally, the Atlantic has an article about how Workism – seeing work as a quasi-religion, and consequently working a lot – is making people suffer, and here’s a second one about the perpetural hustle.

And with this all said, I think now I’ll take a little coffee break…

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