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Links – Art-Related

Here are, for a change, some art-related links for your (hopefully) delectation.

First of all, an article about reconstructed sounds of Ancient Greek Music – with, of course, sound snippets in a video!

And here’s a piece from the British Library site about female actors taking part in Shakespeare’s plays – from the first woman to play a (female) role in Britain to modern gender-bending interpretations.

I found both of them very interesting – it’s always fascinating to me to see how art changes with the times, and with the changes in society. Back when I was in school, I was in the drama group, and it was perfectly normal for women to act, including some male roles – sometimes because it was a classical “Hosenrolle”, that is a role now traditionally played by a female though portraying a male character; sometimes because there were not enough men in the group; sometimes because of our interpretation; sometimes because one of the women was better suited to do a specific character than one of the men. So yes, even in our society there’s still a lot of bulshitty gender-related stuff around… but a huge lot of it has also died off over time, and that is a really, really nice thing.

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