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It’s a Bar!

Our neighbour has acquired a hive of bees. It’s sunny and quite dry. I’ve “activated” (as in “soaked”) a block of coconut fibres in a plastic bucket a few days ago, to mix with soil for potting plants.

These three things, together, have resulted in this:

These are bees, probably mostly from the neighbour’s hive, having a drink. Actually not only having a drink, but filling up with water to carry back to the hive, to liquify food, be able to digest pollen, and to cool down the hive if necessary.

Which means I’ve been watering the bee-bar every morning now – and I have the pleasure of lots and lots of bees keeping me company when I sit right outside the wintergarden, where the bucket stands, having a break!

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2 Responses to It’s a Bar!

  1. Kathryn Leroux says:

    Very clever! I wondered if you did that on purpose. Madonna seemed a bit miffed at one point, but I think she got used to the bees ignoring her if she did the same…

  2. Bruce says:

    I was out camping over Easter in the Australian bush. There must have been a wild hive in the area because you couldn’t leave anything around with liquids in it as there would be a crowd of bees milling around it in a few minutes – yes, it was powder dry.

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