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Spindle Whorl Hit and Miss.

After showing you the dead whorls yesterday, it’s probably time to also show you the survivors – so here’s part of the yield, hanging out in a basket and feeling decorative:

By now, the whorls have all been weighed and are sorted in boxes – they range from below 8 g to almost 70 g in weight. The heavy ones are modeled after prehistoric whorl finds – and yes, it is astonishingly hard to match a given size and shape, as you can see here:

I find it really hard to make some shapes, among them the longish ones and the ones with a sort of T-profile. Roundish or double-conical is much easier for me, and I’m wondering if someone else would have a different experience, or if there’s some special technique to making these other shapes easily. You can see in the picture that I didn’t really match the original shape of whorl no. 14 – even though I tried really hard!

In some cases, with some shapes, I am quite happy with how close I got, though. Like with this one:

As a final note, it might amuse you that I managed to get only a few whorls within the weight range I was mostly aiming for – while I happened to (again) hit spot-on a few other ranges with a lot of whorls. If this continues, I might have to make a sale for these weight ranges!

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One Response to Spindle Whorl Hit and Miss.

  1. Kathryn Leroux says:

    They look great! It’s really cool how you reproduced the ancient shapes.
    Your dedication to your craft and historically accurate reproduction is inspiring, but…
    Watching you firing them, I couldn’t help but comment that “the crazy neighbor lady is making a fire on the front lawn again!” LOL.

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