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Visiting Lauresham (part 2)

Here’s more impressions from Lauresham:

First of all, the vinyard:

This time of year, everything was full of wild flowers, too.

Of course it’s not only fields and pastures and vinyard – there are the houses as well, which I have mostly omitted until now. Here they are, finally:

As you can surely guess, one of these houses was much more important for me to see than the others – the weaving house. We spent a little time inside that, so I could get an overview of the looms, tools, and loomweights available.

One of the permanently installed looms in the weaving house.

The house has three looms that are permanently installed there, plus a mobile loom that can be taken to wherever it is needed and used there. The looms are used for showing weaving technique to visitors, but also to test out things.

There’s also a bunch of differently-shaped loom weights available, as well as some other textile equipment. I am already looking forward so much to working with all this at the Textile Forum.

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2 Responses to Visiting Lauresham (part 2)

  1. Harma says:

    These look a lot sturdier than the one we once had at the Forum. I like the way the weights hang in a pit.

    • Katrin says:

      Hanging the weights into a ditch only works for fixed looms, though, obviously… though I guess there’s a limit on how wide a loom you want to move, even if it’s just an occasional move.

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