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Buttons Under Construction!

Let me tell you about buttons. Not the kind to close your garments, but the kind with a pin on the back that you pin to your clothing, or backpack, or whatever, to make a statement.

Though I rarely wear these, I very much like them. I like the way you can easily add them to whatever fabric you want to, telling people something about you, or your mood, or to amuse them with a funny quip or picture.

As with so many things that I like, and where I think the world needs more of, after a while, I’m getting an itch to have it made, and offer it in the shop. (Yes, I know, it’s not medieval at all. That’s why I have the “miscellaneous” section, and I’m actually pondering making a “This Is Not Medieval but Fun” section in the shop. Though I might call it “Modern Shenanigans” instead – much shorter.)

There was one teeny tiny problem, though. To have a nice button, you need a nice design – and I wanted something more than just a random selected font centred on a round button to write stuff. That’s just… hm. Well.

It is, of course, technically possible to make a button design like this with hand-lettering. This could even be enhanced with a bit of a drawing, where it suits, here and there. Which would be a spectacularly wonderful thing, but unfortunately, both my drawing skills and my hand-lettering skills are, at best, mediocre.

And then it somehow struck me. I could knit the button design. Because… well… that’s how my brain works, sometimes, when I wake up early on a Saturday morning.

So I sat down, and I cast on some stitches, and I made this:

and showed it to the Most Patient Husband, and he said “maybe do it with smoother yarn”, and he suggested some cotton yarn that I had lying around, so I finally got to use my very small needles as well, and I made this:

and this could actually already be turned into a button design, and it would look like this:

or, with the first version, like this:

and I must admit it amuses me no end. It’s knit and says knit. Knit knit. Ah. (Yes, I’m easy to amuse.)

So. Should I do this? Get these printed as buttons? And if so, which version?

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2 Responses to Buttons Under Construction!

  1. Harma says:

    The one with the green border looks better. Are you thinking about asking the printer to make them in a variety of colours?

    Can your perfectionists side live with the fact that the N is so much wider than all the other letters? The second leg could be done one row earlier without losing impact, leaving better proportions.

    • Katrin says:

      Colour variety is something I’d have to do myself, that’s nothing the printer will do.

      And yes, I can totally live with the wide n. I’ve tweaked in the meantime, but I have come to the conclusion that knitted letters can be pretty close to really good typography… but not hit it 100%. There will always be little issues with curves or start and end jaggedness.
      I will just say it’s a feature 😉

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