Ich bin wegen Tagungen unterwegs und kann daher vom 23. Oktober bis zum 12. November keine Bestellungen verschicken. In dieser Zeit eingegangene Bestellungen werden danach so schnell wie möglich versendet. Vielen Dank für Ihr/euer Verständnis!

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I am back!

I am back home, the summer break is over, and it was wonderful. So wonderful, indeed, that all the happenings should be good for several blog posts.

There was a bit of holiday things (we paddled down the Elbe river), there was also the WorldCon at Dublin, which was wonderful and exciting and utterly, utterly glorious, and now I’m sitting here doing this quick get-back-into-things blogpost before hauling a huge stack of parcels off to the post office, which takes care of the orders that came in during the break, and of those I got at Dublin when I ran out of some of the things to sell. (Such as gold embroidery books. And spinning fibres. I also almost ran out of “I knit so I don’t kill people” badges… but only almost.)

A Worldcon is a special thing – it’s full of people getting to meet and chat with other people, and enjoying common interests. There’s panels, where several people discuss a topic (usually with help of a moderator, who asks questions and makes sure things stay more or less on track); there’s also talks, shows, singalongs, films, dances, theatre plays, concerts, readings, and opportunities to meet authors or have them sign your book(s). Plus there is the Hugo Award ceremony. And, of course, the dealer’s hall…

This time, I ended up as a participant on three panels, in addition to having a table in the dealer’s hall – made possible by an Irish friend who volunteered to come along and mind the shop while I was off having fun. And fun I had! One of my programme items was a talk to give an intro to medieval textiles and textile crafts, supported by the wonderful (and Campbell-Award-winning) Jeannette Ng. There were a few technical problems, but in the end, everything turned out allright. My second programme item was a “proper” panel, together with Alyc Helms and Marie Brennan, wonderfully moderated by Ehud Maimon, where we got to talk about archaeology and its use for worldbuilding in SFF literature. In the third one, I again got to sit at a table together with Jeannette Ng, as she was moderating the panel about costume research and documentation; my co-panelists this time were Kerri-Ellen Kelly and Kevin Hewett. I had a blast on all three of my items, and as far as I’ve been told, the audience generally also enjoyed them, so that was definitely a success. (I really need to work on my shameless self-promotion skills, though…)

And now it’s time already to prepare for the next events coming up: the weaving workshop this weekend, first of all; the MEDATS conference in September, where I will be giving a paper; the Nadelkunst fair at Weikersheim. Certainly I’m not getting bored here!

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