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Even more Dublin Stories.

So what else is there to tell about my Dublin adventures? There was a talk about medieval textiles and textile crafts, which was very well received according to what I heard afterwards. I had the pleasure of sharing that panel with Jeannette Ng, who later during the convention accepted her award for Best New Writer (congratulations again!).

I also enjoyed my two other panels (proper panels, not talks, this time) about archaeology in SFF, and about costume research and documentation.

I also got to meet (and hold, for a short time) this guy:

and I got to meet a real Lady Astronaut, as Dr. Jeannette Epps was at the convention. Which was a “wow” moment as well.

There also was cake (because life is better with cake, even if it is only store-bought chocolate cake from Tesco’s), and weird chocolate both from Ireland (Cadbury’s Mint Oreo. Delicious, if you ask me.) and from Germany (I brought some Knusperflocken for people to try) and from New Zealand (which will host next year’s convention) and, if you are generous in what you count as chocolate, choc-covered malty caramel Timtams from Australia.

Finally, one of the really nice things about WorldCon is how easy it is to meet people, and chat with them, making new acquaintances and learning things about their bits of the world. I was delighted to see again quite a number of people I’d last met in London, back in 2014 (one of whom saved my voice by bringing me a pack of Fisherman’s Friends). Even though there’s never a load of time to catch up, it was wonderful to see them again and chat. It was also totally delightful to see so many authors, whose work I love to read, and it felt like so many of them stopped at my table in the hall and enjoyed seeing (and, in some cases, buying) something completely different. (Which were the moments when I silently went “squeee!” in the back of my head. As you do. Right?).

All this would never have happened if not for Gillian prodding me to come to London in 2014 (because apparently, London is right around the corner from Erlangen, if you ask an Aussie) and for my wonderful Irish friend helping me out at the table, making it possible for me to sneak away to my programme items, the Escape Artists Live panel, and, occasionally, even to the toilet:

Thank you! (Also, I’m still bad at taking phone selfies. Obviously.)


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  1. It’s close. NZ, however, takes travel. But it contains good chocolate and great people, so it’s worth it.

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