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The Danish museum group has published a catalogue of their finds, which means 100,000 pictures. It’s freely available, open access, and it includes archaeological glass beads from Ribe, among many, many more things. Not all finds have pictures yet, and … Continue reading

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I like to travel. I especially like to travel by train – there are comfy seats, you can eat and drink and read or work or knit. There’s no pesky security check circus where you have to empty all your … Continue reading

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The last bit of what we did in London – we managed to finally, finally go see a show in the Globe Theatre. I’ve wanted to do this for ages now, ever since I heard about the theatre, back when … Continue reading

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So – I told you about the study day, and how wonderful it was. So wonderful, in fact, that I could have easily spent a second and even a third day doing a study day, but alas, it was just … Continue reading

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Time to tell you about the things I was up to while I was away – first of all: the MEDATS study day. I was utterly delighted to be invited to the study day, with its topic “Learning through Reconstruction”. … Continue reading

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Recently, I’ve recommended the travel mug I’m using to someone else. Again. Then I started wondering since when I’ve been lugging mine around… and today I’ve finally looked it up. I bought this mug back in fall of 2012, when … Continue reading

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So much for planning – I had planned to post something here yesterday, but things happened. More specifically: a root canal happened. I had woken up with some dull kind of a toothache on Monday, which was solidly in the … Continue reading

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