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For ages now, I’ve wanted to try out wax cloth, but somehow, I never got around to making it, or to really use the piece that I had, gifted to me from a friend years ago. A while ago, though, … Continue reading

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I’ve written about Amazon and its shitty work ethics before, and I’ve been not ordering things from there for years now. But I was totally and utterly flabberghasted and shocked when I heard that Amazon is flat out destroying returned … Continue reading

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I didn’t realise the tandem would be such an interesting thing, and get several comments right away! It is such a normal piece of life for us, and has been for years, that I don’t think twice about it anymore. … Continue reading

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When I’m at the fairs, it’s always fun to explain the simple yet ingenious principle of the oillight to people. A lot of them get just as excited about these little things as I am – especially those with a … Continue reading

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One of the things that come up frequently when I do presentations or demonstrations of textile techniques is the value of textiles. We’re so used today to going into a clothes shop that sells things for ridiculously low prices that … Continue reading

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For a change, there’s good news from the EU: the seed regulation draft has finally fallen through. (In case you don’t know what I am talking about, here’s an old article from the Guardian about the regulation.) Things like this … Continue reading

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I love tea. Especially at this time of year, when it is cold and dreary outside, a nice cuppa makes life so much better, instantly. I also love to have the tea on a teapot-warmer – for some kinds of … Continue reading

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