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The Danish museum group has published a catalogue of their finds, which means 100,000 pictures. It’s freely available, open access, and it includes archaeological glass beads from Ribe, among many, many more things. Not all finds have pictures yet, and … Continue reading

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If you’re interested in horses, horse breeding, or ancient DNA studies, here’s a paper posted on about ancient horse DNA – discovering two now-extinct horse lineages, as well as proof that mules were already bred and used more than … Continue reading

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Here’s your gratuitous service announcement, since it is spring – no, really, for no other reason than that I’ve recently stumbled across these issues again, and found it smart to check – and change – some of my passwords… which, … Continue reading

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It’s time for a stack of links again! There’s a “rare sheep breed wool challenge” going on in the US, started by The Livestock Conservancy. It runs under the delightful name of “Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em”, and you can … Continue reading

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I’ve run out of iron gall ink now, so it’s time to get some more… or, to put it better, to make some more. Last time, I had a colleague make my batch, but as she’s not working anymore, I … Continue reading

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Just in case you are looking for something to read on these darkish winter afternoons and evenings, there’s an On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics – which includes articles, books and illustration not only about weaving, … Continue reading

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It’s been way too long since I’ve had a proper session of tablet weaving, trying some more to figure out a good method of weaving twilled pattens without a written pattern… but somehow, there’s always too little time. (Saying “yes” … Continue reading

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