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Looking for more yarnwinder pictures didn’t only end in my having way, way too many tabs in the browser open (I will deal with that, hopefully, tomorrow), it also meant I had a look at my bookmark list for picture … Continue reading

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One of the leads to more depictions of yarnwinders (from two people, independently, the Internet is a small place after all) was to the North Porch portal of Chartres cathedral. There are, among many other things, scenes from the active … Continue reading

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If you’re a numbers person (as in somebody who easily remembers numbers, lucky you) and a textile archaeology nerd in addition to that, the two numbers in the blog title might ring a bell for you. If not, let me … Continue reading

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If you are trying to read things that are not in your language on the Internet, there’s a few more or less helpful tools to use that offer machine translation. I’m sure you have all been victim of those already … Continue reading

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Here’s a stack of things you might find amusing or interesting – or at least I hope so: There is a woven and embroidered Game Of Thrones tapestry, modeled after the famous Bayeux original. While the base design was made … Continue reading

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The Library Digitisation Unit of the University of Southampton has a Knitting Reference Library with Victorian knitting manuals and other old and really interesting knitting reference books and instructionals. They also have, under the section slightly misleadingly titled “Knitting Patterns”, … Continue reading

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We went off to harvest some cherries a while ago, and together with loads of them, we accidentally brought back this guy: Which, the Internet helpfully tells me, is the caterpillar of Orgyia antiqua, the rusty tussock moth, or, in German, … Continue reading

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