Heather Hopkins und Katrin Kania (Hrsg.): Ancient Textiles, Modern Science II.

Dieses Buch enthält Aufsätze zu Themen aus dem European Textile Forum 2011 bis 2013; das Buch ist vollständig in englischer Sprache.


Foreword, Michael Herdick 
Introduction, Heather Hopkins and Katrin Kania 
1. Ruth Gilbert: On the terminology of non-woven textile structures and techniques, and why it matters
2. Harma Piening: A new notation system for nålbinding stitches
3. Heather Hopkins: Lost weaving tablets: Identifying weaving tablets during excavation
4. Julia B. Krug-Ochmann: Romans, intimately. New thoughts on reconstruction and purpose of use of Roman Empire and Late Antiquity ‘tanga briefs’
5. Beatrix Nutz: Linen sprang from Lengberg Castle
6. Petra Linscheid: Early Byzantine embroidery techniques and an unusual tunic in the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum Mainz
7. Katrin Kania, Sabine Ringenberg, with contributions from Sabine Schrenk: Late Antique resist-dyeing technique
8. Katrin Kania, Heather Hopkins and Sabine Ringenberg: The influence of metal kettle materials on the mordanting and dyeing outcome
9. Heather Hopkins: The supply of water to the dyeing workshops of Pompeii
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