Please note that sending of goods outside of Germany may be delayed, restricted or impossible due to the Corona Pandemic.Parcels inside Europe may take up to three weeks of transit time, sending to the USA or Australia may take about two months, in some cases even longer.

For posting to some countries, German Post is currently charging an extra crisis supercharge, which will be added to regular postage fees. 

Please feel free to check with me whether sending to you is possible or not by email or the contact form. 

I am very sorry to announce that I am not able to offer shipping to Great Britain anymore, due to Brexit regulations. GB has no threshold for small trade, and fees for paying VAT to Britain will far outweigh the profits I make from regular sales.

Discover medieval life with pallia - Mittelalter hautnah!

I am a freelance textile archaeologist, with a lot of passion for historical textiles and a wide-ranging portfolio. I am offering materials and tools for historical textile techniques in my online shop, as well as presentations and demonstrations, workshops and courses, and reconstruction of historical garments or textiles for museums. On top of this, I have three books published, and occasionally I find the time to develop a (modern) knitting pattern.

On these pages, you can find information about the goods and services that I offer - and, of course, the online shop itself. If you read German and would like to get occasional information about new things in the shop, you are more than welcome to subscribe to my newsletter (which comes about once a month).

For those wishing to read more of my writing, take a look at my blog where I post in English, about various topics, and from Monday to Friday.

I hope you will enjoy discovering more about the things I do and the things I offer. If you have questions, feedback or suggestions, please contact me - I am always happy to hear from you!