Embroidery Kit Fleur de Lis

This is the complete kit to get you going with gold embroidery: fine linen fabric, dyed blue with indigo, mounted in an oval frame and with a pre-drawing; a generous amount of embroidery yarns (real gold thread around a silk core and plant-dyed silk thread), two needles and very detailed instructions, consisting of the book "Working Medieval Gold Embroidery" and an additional instruction sheet.

Content list:

10,5 m plant-dyed silk yarn (two colours), 10 m real gold thread, two embroidery needles, DMC embroidery frame with wall hanger 11 x 14 cm, already dressed with indigo-dyed linen fabric with preparatory drawing, instructions sheet, book "Working Medieval Gold Embroidery".

This kit will give you an easy start into gold embroidery. Please note, however, that this kit contains modern elements - you will not be working a replica.

Price: 58,00 EUR
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