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Linking around.

 First of all, if you’ve waited for your blog post much longer than usual yesterday, I’m sorry – seems that the blog did its glitchy thing again. That’s the thing when I click “Publish” and it looks like it does, and everything is fine and dandy, but the post is in fact happily hanging out with the other drafts, unseen by the world.

And now: Time for some unrestrained linking around again!

Over at Archaeologik, there’s a (German-language) post about a new-ish book called “Europe invents the Gypsies”. The book came out in 2011, and this year it won a price. There are a few English links under that post, too, shedding light on the still rampant prejudice and stereotype about Roma.

If you are interested in reenactment as the re-enacting of conflicts, there’s a blog called “Historically Speaking” that might be of interest to you. Myself, I’m more a living history person, but still find it quite interesting to hear some more about reenactment now and then.

Notorious Ph.D. writes about the “History Girls” piece that was published in the Daily Mail. It’s Ye Olde Gender Issues, but Notorious has a really nice way of adressing that stuff. I enjoyed her article, anyway.

Have you ever thought about learning Finnish? If you have, you might want to laugh at this. Here, on the same blog, is an explanation why it looks like it looks. And if you’d like to try some Finnish humour without learning the language first, take a look at depressing finland.

As the Finale of the Linking Aimlessly Installation of today: beautiful double-face weaving, by Ellen Harlizius-Klück (text in German).

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  1. Thanks for the "Historically Speaking" link; there is a lot of useful and interesting information there.

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