Ich bin wegen Tagungen unterwegs und kann daher vom 23. Oktober bis zum 12. November keine Bestellungen verschicken. In dieser Zeit eingegangene Bestellungen werden danach so schnell wie möglich versendet. Vielen Dank für Ihr/euer Verständnis!

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New things, new things.

I’ve been working on the new things, and they are successfully finished and in the shop – you can now get a sample package of the carded wools as well as a sample package of the washed wool to prep yourself.

To celebrate all this newness, there’s even more new things – I can now make coupons for the shop. Such as a coupon to get 10% off all the spinning fibres, for example. And though it’s not May anymore (there’s a German saying that goes “Alles neu macht der Mai”, May makes everything anew), in the spirit of all new things I have done exactly that.

So if you order spinning fibres (including the sample packages, of course) before July 7, you can get 10% off their price if you use the coupon code ichglaubichspinn (which is German, obviously, as it allows this delightful double-entendre. It both means “I think I am spinning” and “I think I am crazy”). The end date for the coupon is just before the start of my summer break, which will run from July 9 to August 12, by the way – consider yourselves forewarned, as there will also be no blogging during this time.

Even more other newness is coming up behind the scenes, where I am working on getting new info leaflets for my shop, with the very kind help of one of my friends. It will take a bit, though, before they are done completely.

I also have some progress on the wood stuff research going on low-key (but still going on) behind the scenes, too. There were gorgeously helpful finds in Schleswig, dated to the 11th century, which should make for good models for yarnwinder reproductions.

Still more, but smaller newness: I have found a way to tweak the blog’s typography a little bit, and hopefully the text now is a tad easier to read than before, when the letters were running just a little bit too densely. Let me know what you think of it in the comments, please!


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