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Hunting for Black.

I’ve run out of iron gall ink now, so it’s time to get some more… or, to put it better, to make some more. Last time, I had a colleague make my batch, but as she’s not working anymore, I have decided to do it myself this time. And obviously, the goal is to use an original medieval recipe…

…which poses a slight problem. Not because there are no recipes, no – quite the opposite. There are quite a lot, and though they are similar in regard to the ingredients, the details – and the amounts of the main ingredients that are given – can vary quite a lot. Some of them mention that one should be able to tell, from experience, how much exactly of one of the ingredients should go in.

Yeah. Only problem is that if you have no experience… well, you get the picture.

My search for recipes (which I have collected, and I will soon just pick one and go with it), though, has also brought me across an interesting database project: Colour Context, a database on colour practice and knowledge. It features transcribed recipes from a number of (mainly late-medieval) sources – so if you are interested in medieval colour, or artwork, this may be of interest for you.

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