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Argh Windows.

Sorry for the blog silence yesterday – I spent most of the day off and on in a chat with Microsoft support, trying to solve a mildly annoying computer problem that I’ve now had for a while. It’s several different smaller things (update is not working, and I get an erroneous “you need to activate your windows” popup thingie, and the troubleshooter cannot start because it feels so troubled). None of them really keep me from working, but taken all together, it just adds together until it did not feel so comfortable anymore.

So I finally called the support hotline, and things happened with the first of the issues which I then thought resolved, but it turns out it isn’t – and now, after a good while of trying all kinds of different things, it does seem as if the trouble is somewhere deeper, and as if I’d need to do a more or less clean new install of the system, and that is something that I frankly don’t want to bother with right now.

Which means I’ll be clicking away popups periodically, and maybe try one or two other things that might or might not help with my update issue. Sigh. First things first, though – there is a stack of stuff that should have been done and dealt with yesterday, among them  some Forum organisation (and I’m getting all excited about that, there will be so many interesting things!), so I’m sitting here, fortified with a cup of coffee, helped by a purring cat curled up between my forearms and the laptop, and ready to go…

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